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Uvaliiskata Grupa is Bulgarian folklor group and  was established 1993 in Sofia city.The name of the group derived from Bulgarian region between two folklor regions -Trakia and Strandjha,named Uvalya.The group perform music from all Bulgarian folklor regions - Trakia,Strandjha,Rhodope,Shoppe,Macedonian etc.Performers in the group are proffesional musicians,in stock Ivaylo Krumov - tambura, Angel Krumov - gadulka, Dimitar Todorov - bagpipe, Nedyalko Nedyalkov - pipe.
-Ivaylo Krumov is solist,member of an orchestra,national ansamble "Filip Kutev".Long-standing teacher on tambura(lute).Founder of the group.
-Angel Krumov play gadulka and drum,long-standing member of an "Shopski Ansambal".
-Dimitar Todorov play bagpipe,concert-master of national ansamble "Filip Kutev".
-Nedyalko Nedyalkov play pipe,solist in "National Bulgarian Radio - Sofia".
Also solist of the group is famous folk singer Yanka Rupkina-founder of "Trio Bulgarka".Long-standing solist of choir National Bulgarian Radio and Television.The Uvaliiskata Grupa have many concerts in the country and around the world.The group has issued many CDs in UK,Holand,Germany.The group tries to follow the traditional Bulgarian folklor with less treatments,good arrangement,and authentic style.
For contacts:
Angel Krumov - +359895 78 25 52.
Ivaylo Krumov - +359895 20 04 39.

Adress: Bulgaria,Sofia city
zip: 1326
Link to our music in youtube